Saturday, July 12, 2014

A quick update on Mohiomap:  there is a discussion on MM in the LinkedIn Evernote Users group that might be of interest to you.

       " posted:
        Have any of you been utilising Mohiomap to build smart mind maps out of your 
        Evernote data? I am curious about your experiences."

I provided some responses there, particularly about how I am linking my Mohiomap of Evernote notes to my "TheBrain" application on my PC (and which then becomes available on my personal webbrain page, and on my iPod, iPhone and iPad).

Here's a clip of some of my Mohiomap Evernote links in my personal Brain program:

(Click to enlarge)

See the Mohiomap discussion in LinkedIn here.

(note -- you need to be a LinkedIn member, and possibly, an Evernote Group member to view the post; go to .)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Quick follow up to previous post -- here is what my Outlook toolbar looks like with the addins I mentioned:

Click to enlarge

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sticking Yellow Notes on My Emails -- New "Notes4Email" from Caelo

I've been trying out a new add-in for Outlook on my PC (Office 2010, 32-bit, Win 7 Pro, 64-bit) for the last ten days or so.  I think it is a keeper, so thought I'd let you know.

"Notes4Email" is new from Caelo; they describe  "adding a Note to your e-mails" as "Outlook's most wanted feature."  (See .)

For me, the important things are that it is easy to write a note, easy to find the note, and that the add-in doesn't interfere with my numerous other ones.  It has passed these criteria with flying colors! (with a yellow color, that is.  :>)

I've been a big seeker of the perfect Personal Information Manager since back in the DOS days.  I still mourn the failure of Lotus to support and develop Agenda.  I became a fan of ECCO Pro, but unfortunately, that too became faded (but not dead, there is still a bunch of devoted fans, and I still have it on my 64-bit Windows 7 PC --- more on that maybe later).  In my previous posts here and in the future, you can see some of the programs I currently use.

But Outlook is nearly unavoidable, having driven so many others out of business or into obscurity.  So, I keep adding things to Outlook, to try to make it do all that I want.  They don't always work well together, and I've had to give up on some because of the crashes, or failures to load, that occur too often.

I get over 100 emails a day, so I really need something to make some standout, where I want to add a quick note; I don't have time to delete, or move to folders, all those emails every day.  I was already using "Single Click Filing," "Track Your Sent," and "eeminders" along with EverNote and OneNote add-ins.

Fortunately, "Notes4Email" is not one of those that crash or fail to load, and hasn't caused any problems since I installed it.  It works, and does just what it promises to do.  (I'll let you read the Caelo page for all those things, rather than repeating them all here.) But here are the highlights, quoted from their website:

"Easy, effective and reliable...
No complicated software, no additional database systems, no additional areas on your screen...
Simply add your comments in a native Outlook Note to your e-mail.
The note will be added as attachment so you will benefit from all features of Outlook attachments:
  • See the first line of your Note directly in the reading pane of the email
  • Simply click the Note attachment icon to see the entire content
  • Forward the e-mail to share your note with others or use Reply to send without the note
  • Use Outlook Search to search within your notes (Outlook also searches within attachments)
  • An additional yellow category ('Notes4Email') makes your noted e-mails clearly visible and even easier to find.
No need to learn Outlook Notes... No need to learn Categories...
Simply focus on the comments you like to add and Notes4Email will do the rest."

BTW, I also use Neo Pro from Caelo, which is a stand-alone program that integrates with Outlook, for custom organization of emails and particularly fast and robust searching.  "Track Your Sent" and "Single Click Filing" are add-ins also from Caelo.

The "Notes4Email" show in the "Hot" list in Neo Pro, so I can easily see all the emails where I've added notes in one place without searching for them.  Other Outlook Categories all show separately the emails assigned to them in Neo Pro without having to do a search.

See all Caelo products at: .

They provide free downloads and trials too.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Could Microsoft OneNote Replace Evernote?

An interesting question raised in the Evernote Group on LinkedIn:  

"So with the cross-platform release of Microsoft OneNote, are you still as committed to EverNote?" 

(See )

My answer is:  "Yes, definitely still committed to EN. I've had ON perhaps longer than EN, but use it only occasionally. I use EN multiple times each day. It's just easier/quicker to use EN, particularly using the desktop version."

One of the references in the post by Brian Bezanson is:  

"First look: Could Microsoft OneNote for Mac replace Evernote?"

Jeffery Battersby concludes:

"OneNote’s price, collaboration capabilities, and particularly its freeform note-taking feature make it a compelling application for capturing your ideas as quickly as possible. Whether it'll be a compelling alternative to Evernote remains to be seen."

Check out the features and pros/cons here:

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just found this announcement of TheBrain 8, and adding it here for your reference:

TheBrain® 8 Delivers Advanced Information Management with Powerful New Knowledge Visualization Features

TheBrain 8 offers ready-made knowledge templates, over 1500 icons and timeline view for organizing ideas and information.

TheBrain 8 is offers over 50 time management, and mind mapping features for getting things done.
TheBrain 8 is offers over 50 time management, and mind mapping features for getting things done.
TheBrain 8’s new Timeline View enables deeper insight and understanding of users’ unique work habits and thinking.
Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 20, 2013
TheBrain Technologies, the leading provider of dynamic visualization and knowledge management software, announced its newest release, TheBrain 8.
TheBrain software’s unique approach to information organization enables users to create and link together thousands of digital Thoughts. TheBrain software has been downloaded by over a million users and over half of the Fortune 100 organizations use TheBrain for digital brainstorming, project management, and as a complete knowledgebase to find and connect their information.
TheBrain’s marque context-driven, visual interfaceoffers users an alternative to linear note taking apps, hierarchical file/folder sharing services and conventional mind mapping, by dynamically visualizing and reorienting users’ “Thought display” each time a topic is selected. TheBrain’s no limits semantic network and linking technology enables an unlimited number of topics, links and disparate data sources to be connected and navigated.
With faster application start up, enhanced multi-threading technology and multiple user interface updates, TheBrain 8 gives users even more powerful desktop visualization. TheBrain 8 augments the software’s data management capabilities by offering over 1500 icons to amplify key ideas, new visualization options and knowledge templates with prebuilt Thought zones, Types and Tags for ready-made semantic visualization.
“TheBrain 8’s new Timeline View enables deeper insight and understanding of users’ unique work habits and thinking. You can access all relevant associative connections through an instantly available chronological entry point,” said Harlan Hugh, TheBrain Technologies’ CEO. “Additionally with TheBrain 8 pre-populated knowledge templates users can leverage our Solution Team’s best practices right out of the box and get started quickly.”
TheBrain 8 has over 50 new features and enhancements . . .

I just tried an idea -- linking MohioMap items (which are EverNotes in a graphic

I just tried an idea -- linking MohioMap items (which are EverNotes in a graphical display) to TB -- and it worked!  Each EN in MM has a unique URL, so it can be dragged and dropped into TB.  Then, the link when clicked goes to the MM display, which shows the other notes that are linked to it.

You can, of course, copy and drop individual EN URLs from EN, into TB, but that way does not have the advantage of the graphical display of other notes linked to it.

So, this way is a visual or graphical extension of TB in an easy way for individual items, and of course, they then become searchable in TB -- at least, the title of the note does.

I tried the similar thing with CardDeck, a new way to display Evernotes, but that didn't work, because the EN cards don't have unique URLs therein.


Sunday, January 12, 2014


'A "visual organiser" for Evernote'

A posting in the LinkedIn Evernote Users group caught my attention today -- a new program in beta, developed by  ,Solution Architect, called "CardDesk."  Ashley describes his program as
". . . simply my attempt to wed my love of Evernote with the highly visual, non-linear and creative benefits of index cards. Using the index card analogy, CardDesk allows you to access you[r] Evernote notes and arrange them as “Cards” on one or more “Desktops”. Cards can be moved, resized, stacked and colour-coded. Cards can contain images and links to documents and web pages. They can also be edited using Evernote’s web interface. "

Another approach that I found some while ago is Miohiomap -- "A Visual Memory for Evernote"; the Evernote App Center describes it as:

"Mohiomap is a web application for visualizing, navigating, and exploring your Evernote content. Notes, notebooks, and tags are presented in an interactive graph, similar to a mind map. Mohiomap allows you to see your notes and discover relationships across all the different elements in your Evernote account. Mohiomap also features filtering and search functions to identify the content most relevant to you.
Mohiomap's intuitive and easy-to-use visual display offers a unique and immersive experience for browsing your Evernote content. Simply sign up for free, connect your Evernote account, and start exploring!"

 I keep hunting for some way to bring all my information sources together (see a diagram at )

I wish I could find some desktop (PC) application that would be a popup search for all my various stores of information. I searched again today for such, and didn't find it -- have Copernic Desktop, but it doesn't appear to search EN -- several questions unanswered on their blog.