Saturday, July 12, 2014

A quick update on Mohiomap:  there is a discussion on MM in the LinkedIn Evernote Users group that might be of interest to you.

       " posted:
        Have any of you been utilising Mohiomap to build smart mind maps out of your 
        Evernote data? I am curious about your experiences."

I provided some responses there, particularly about how I am linking my Mohiomap of Evernote notes to my "TheBrain" application on my PC (and which then becomes available on my personal webbrain page, and on my iPod, iPhone and iPad).

Here's a clip of some of my Mohiomap Evernote links in my personal Brain program:

(Click to enlarge)

See the Mohiomap discussion in LinkedIn here.

(note -- you need to be a LinkedIn member, and possibly, an Evernote Group member to view the post; go to .)