Saturday, March 22, 2014

Could Microsoft OneNote Replace Evernote?

An interesting question raised in the Evernote Group on LinkedIn:  

"So with the cross-platform release of Microsoft OneNote, are you still as committed to EverNote?" 

(See )

My answer is:  "Yes, definitely still committed to EN. I've had ON perhaps longer than EN, but use it only occasionally. I use EN multiple times each day. It's just easier/quicker to use EN, particularly using the desktop version."

One of the references in the post by Brian Bezanson is:  

"First look: Could Microsoft OneNote for Mac replace Evernote?"

Jeffery Battersby concludes:

"OneNote’s price, collaboration capabilities, and particularly its freeform note-taking feature make it a compelling application for capturing your ideas as quickly as possible. Whether it'll be a compelling alternative to Evernote remains to be seen."

Check out the features and pros/cons here: