Sunday, January 12, 2014


'A "visual organiser" for Evernote'

A posting in the LinkedIn Evernote Users group caught my attention today -- a new program in beta, developed by  ,Solution Architect, called "CardDesk."  Ashley describes his program as
". . . simply my attempt to wed my love of Evernote with the highly visual, non-linear and creative benefits of index cards. Using the index card analogy, CardDesk allows you to access you[r] Evernote notes and arrange them as “Cards” on one or more “Desktops”. Cards can be moved, resized, stacked and colour-coded. Cards can contain images and links to documents and web pages. They can also be edited using Evernote’s web interface. "

Another approach that I found some while ago is Miohiomap -- "A Visual Memory for Evernote"; the Evernote App Center describes it as:

"Mohiomap is a web application for visualizing, navigating, and exploring your Evernote content. Notes, notebooks, and tags are presented in an interactive graph, similar to a mind map. Mohiomap allows you to see your notes and discover relationships across all the different elements in your Evernote account. Mohiomap also features filtering and search functions to identify the content most relevant to you.
Mohiomap's intuitive and easy-to-use visual display offers a unique and immersive experience for browsing your Evernote content. Simply sign up for free, connect your Evernote account, and start exploring!"

 I keep hunting for some way to bring all my information sources together (see a diagram at )

I wish I could find some desktop (PC) application that would be a popup search for all my various stores of information. I searched again today for such, and didn't find it -- have Copernic Desktop, but it doesn't appear to search EN -- several questions unanswered on their blog.